Março 2021

It has been a great ST. VALENTINE’S DAY last Sunday at our Lady of Pompeii. Nineteen (19) couples of fiances came for the English Mass and five (5) couples for the Italian Mass came for the BLESSING ON THEIR PROMISES. I am very happy to see that young people are rediscovering the beauty of the Christian Marriage and the value of the spiritual dimension of our human relationship, especially in Marriage.

NOW WE ARE WALKING toward the celebration of Easter. We have to realize that our life cannot be good Friday alone, or Easter Sunday all the times, but life is made of Good Friday, which ends into the Easter Sunday. We must be confident that there is a God, who loves us and cares for us all the times. BUT we must prepare for the coming of Jesus into our lives; we must be ready to die with HIM if we want to rise with HIM. How do we prepare?

1 – Every morning a personal prayer. (If you can go to mass or visit a church before work, that will be great!)
2 – One good confession, to secure the mercy of God for us and our family.
3 – One act of forgiveness for the one who has hurt us the most. (A telephone, an e-mail…something that would reconnect again with that person).
FINALLY we make sure that we participate either to the GOOD FRIDAY celebration of procession. If you cannot go on GOOD FRIDAY, make sure you participate on the liturgy of THE EASTER VIGIL (March 26) at night in your church.


Father Walter

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